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The 4000 Riders of Cristo Rey - México

Join the thousands of Mexican Cowboys on Pilgrimage!

Who is Who

Quem é Quem:

Quer saber quem somos?... Com quem você está reservando sua viagem? Quem são os guias da cavalgada? Veja abaixo uma breve introdução do nosso time “Entre Orejas”.


Jakob Von Plessen alias Jakotango

Austrian by name, Argentinian by nature, meet Jakob von Plessen, a charismatic modern-day gaucho and horse whisperer. Home is El Boqueron, a sleepy estancia deep in Argentina’s Pampas, where guests come for a stopover en route to Patagonia and end up staying for days, drawn to the tranquil pace of gaucho life and hooked on the daily routine of polo playing, poolside lounging and evening asados. Jakob spends his time between the Pampas, preparing his horses for their yearly relocation down south, and Patagonia, where guests can join him on a riding safari and remarkable adventure exploring the Patagonian peaks, sleeping in luxury camps along the way. Having spent many years as a guide in Kenya’s Maasai Mara, as well as some hairy moments on horseback. Catch up with Jakob to be inspired by his adventures.

See a vídeo about Jacob here

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