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The Jakotango Trail Ride , Patagonia, Argentina

8 Days – 7 Nights – 7 Days in the Saddle 

... discovering a breathtaking  wilderness from the saddle ....



Two million acres of willderness, breathtaking landscapes, criollo horses, Argentine Gauchos and Jakob Von Plessen, alias Jakotango, as your host and guide. These are the main ingredients of this incredible equestrian adventure in Northern Patagonia. Born and raised as a horseman in the Argentine Pampas, no one can match Jakotango to show you the secrets of Argentine Patagonia.


Jakob takes his riders across some of the continent’s remotest areas, from the heart of the Patagonian Andes, across turquoise rivers, along breathtaking ridges and over expansive grasslands, all the way into the sunset. By emphasising quality of hosting and marrying comfort with wilderness, he has managed to make an experience of unique adventure out of his riding safaris.


remembrance ritual is families creating ofrendas —altars with offerings to the deceased— which are set-up in homes or public spaces like parks or plazas, and also at local cemeteries where family members are buried. 

The 8 day adventure takes place in northern Patagonia's Nahuel Huapi and Lanín National Park, about 1000 kms south of Buenos Aires. It is the oldest national park in Argentina, established in 1934. It surrounds Nahuel Huapi Lake in the foothills of the Patagonian Andes.

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The largest of the national parks in the region, it has an area of 7,050 km2 (2,720 sq mi), or nearly 2 million acres. Its landscapes represent the north Patagonian Andean Zone consisting of three types, namely, the Altoandino (with perpetual snow above an altitude of 1,600 metres (5,200 ft), the Andino-Patagónico (in the lower reaches of the hills) and the Patagonian steppe. It also represents small parts of the Valdivian Rainforest. The park is completely protected while the reserve is partially protected. The national park is dominated by the high mountain chain of the Andes, many lakes, rapid rivers, waterfalls, snow-clad peaks, glaciers and extensive forests. It is bordered by Chile on its western side.

You will ride between 3 and 8 hours a day on well schooled locally bred Criollo and Criollo cross horses and experience the comfortable Gaucho saddles. The terrain is with moments challenging, that’s why you should be comfortable at all paces. The riding in Patagonia is predominantly slow due to the steep climbs and rocky descents but down in the valleys there are opportunities to good canters.

The Trail Ride is a 7 nights camp to camp ride. Nights are spend in a comfortable tented base camp, simple mobile 'fly' camps and a converted gaucho farmstead, blending safari-level comfort with traditional gaucho style. The never missing Argentine meat, BBQ and red wine provide cozy evenings. (vegetarians no worries; we can happily cater tasty veggie dishes too)

In short; If you are looking for genuine adventure, breathtaking landscapes, unforgettable moments in and out of the saddle, for the soul of the Gauchos, ... well, then Jakotango's Patagonia is the right place for you!

The Jakotango Trail Ride, Patagonia – Argentina.jpg
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