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The Big Northwestern Trail Ride - Argentina

Be prepared for Big Landscapes, Amazing Horses, Culture Alive, Historic Accommodations and Winetasting!

P info

Practical information:

Good to know before you go

Riding level

Suitable for intermediate to experienced riders. You should be confident on a horse at all paces.

Group Size

Minimum 08 participant

Maximum 14 participants


Riders weight limit: 100 Kg


  • Horses: Peruvian Paso Horses

  • The riding: 11 day trip of with 7 days on horseback, trail riding from one place to the other, average of 5 hours per day in the saddle.

  • Saddles: comfortable Argentinian saddles

  • Guides: professional and multilingual guides – Tripleader: Paul or Simon and Pablo

  • International Passport:  Required for most foreigners (still 6 months valid)

  • Visa:  most European and Latin American citizens do not need a visa to travel to Argentina. Contact the Argentinian Embassy in your country for more info.

  • Vaccinations: not required in the área where we ride (for other regions consult your physician).

  • Age: minimum age is 12 years, only allowed if accompanied by an adult.

  • Comfort: High standard comfort in colonial hotels and posadas and 1 night of Comfortable camping in big tents. (single participants of the same sex share rooms & tent).

Are you alone?

Do not worry, you can individually register/book and join in a group with other riders. Most participants are people who register individually and may just like you, not know the other riders in your group. Since everyone has the same points of interest (horseback riding, nature, travel, culture) there is always a good atmosphere and understanding among the participants. Participants come from all corners of the world, so you can be part of a group with riders from the United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, France, Sweden, Canada, USA, Australia, Mexico and many others countries. Your friends are suddenly so much more international!  A standard group consists of 8 to 14 riders. In general, there are as many female as male participants.

Local Transfer:
Meeting point is the Airport in Salta on day 1. Exact meeting time and spot in the airport will be communicated to you when you book for the trip, so you can make the right flight reservations.

Weather during the Trail Ride: 

The climate in northwest Argentina depends on the altitude. Our trip takes place at an altitude between 1000 and 3000 meters above sea level. This means that between March and October we can expect day temperatures of between 20C and 25C. The northwest of the country is known for a dry and pleasant climate. It can, of course, also sometimes rain.

However, it can cool down quite well at night, especially at high altitudes. Expect temperatures of around 10C to 14C for most nights, although it can sometimes drop to freezing temperatures.


The maximum allowable weight of your luggage depends from airline to airline. Check with the airline or travel agent how many kilograms and pieces of luggage you can take.


Argentina is in general a safe country in terms of health. You can easily eat and drink anything without being stomach bothered. Eating raw vegetables, salads and ice creams is normally no problem.  There are no vaccinations required and there is no malaria in this part of Argentina. In case of illness or an accident, there are good hospitals and doctors in the region.


No worries, Entre Orejas trip leader Paul is fluent in 6 languages and will help and translate with pleasure where needed. Trips are always fun as we all speak the same equestrian language.


Argentina together with Chile and Uruguay are considered the safest countries in South America. The region that we visit during the trail ride is rural, pleasant and very welcoming.



travel gear...

  •  Valid international passport 

  • Travel Insurance

  • Pocket money (you can change EUR/£/USD in the airport) 

  • A warm sweater and a jacket 

  • 4 or 5 T-shirts and minimum 2 a shirt with long sleeves

  • Warm clothing, especially for the evenings/nights.

  • Jodhpurs or jeans to ride with

  • Riding shoes or boots / riding shoes with mini-chaps or long chaps

  • A second pair of shoes for the evening

  • Swimsuit Comfortable clothing + a Hat or Cap (or safety cap)

  • One towel  

  • Toiletries

  • Sun Cream

  • Water canteen

  • Camera


* we have raincoats and saddle bags available for you  
* It is recommended to put your luggage in travel bag instead of a hard suitcase. 14 bags are easier to get in the backup vehicle than 14 suitcases.  (thanks!)

seguro de Viagem:

Pedimos que você tenha um seguro de viagem. Peça sua companhia de seguros local ou agente de viagens mais informações. Você não será autorizado a participar no programa de /a Cavalgada Chilena sem ter um seguro de viagem pessoal. Os seus dados de seguros serão solicitados logo na chegada.
Também recomendamos o seguro de cancelamento de viagem. A fim de proteger-se contra imprevistos que podem interferir na data de sua viagem, sugerimos que você se informe para um seguro de cancelamento. Você pode usar qualquer companhia de seguros de viagem que você se sinta confortável.



contrato de afastamento de Responsabilidade:

Os participantes do “Safari Equestre no Pantanal” são obrigados a assinar o contrato de afastamento de responsabilidade no momento do check-in. Isso é obrigatório e os participantes não poderão participar da cavalgada sem a assinatura do contrato de responsabilidade (todos os valores pagos não são reembolsáveis). Por favor, sinta-se livre para ler o contrato antes da sua chegada: faça o download do formulário aqui. Os pais ou responsáveis legais das crianças menores são obrigados a assinar o contrato de responsabilidade em nome de seus filhos. Duvidas, fique a vontade de nos contatar.


  • Currency: 

The peso (established as the peso convertible) is the currency of Argentina, identified by the symbol $ preceding the amount in the same way as many countries using dollar currencies. It is subdivided into 100 centavos. Its ISO 4217 code is ARS

1 USD = approx : 45 Peso (May 2019)
1 EURO = approx : 50 Peso (May 2019)
Cash dispensers can be found in bigger towns and all cities.
In the cities you can pay with credit cards. (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express,)​

  • The Electricity and plugs:  

  • Mobile phone : In towns and villages there is mobile phone coverage everywhere. During the riding trip full time coverage is not guaranteed.

  • Internet: In most towns and villages there is Internet access at the hotels. During the riding itself there is almost no internet access.

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