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LOS LLANOS - The Colombia Cowboy & Wrangling

800 Horses - 40.000 Hectares -- 20.000 heads of Cattle – 40 Cowboys 

Who is Who


Want to know who we are?...With whom you book this trip?...Who are the travel guides?... Below a brief introduction to our “Entre Orejas” guides.

Simón Vergara Gutierrez, Entre Orejas.jpg

Simón Vergara Gutierrez

Born in the saddle and born to be wild; that's how we could describe Simón in 2 short sentences!n.

Simón was born and raised in rural Colombia and has been passionate about horses since childhood. Turning his hobby into a profession he did by being apprenticed to the best horse people in the world. He took national and international courses, from Farriery, to Carriage Driving, Saddlery, Equine Therapy, Equestrian Center Management and First Aid Provider, to Natural Horsemanship internships with Monty Roberts & horse trainers such as Polito Ulloa.

He traveled in North, Central, and South America on horseback and visited Europe, Africa and Asia


In addition, Simón has been working as a guide on multi-day trail rides and equestrian expeditions for years now. Taking care of his horses and riding guests, he guides like no other, is very social & helpful and does everything with a smile. He speaks Spanish, English and Portuguese.


Adventure is his second nature; In 2017 Simón was part of Caroline Casey’s project “Valuable”. An expedition on horseback and mules where they rode from the Caribbean coastal city of Cartagena to the capital Bogota. A 1000km trip in the saddle in 30 days, dedicated to people with disabilities.


But his hunger for adventure didn't stop there. In January 2021, midst the pandemic period, he started a new big adventure; an adventure that he now remembers as, “the university of life”. 


1 man, 2 mules, 5 countries, 8000 Km, 365 days and as many adventures. Simon left his native Colombia with his mules for a huge solo adventure. After crossing the Andes mountains, deserts, jungles and defying all climates, exactly one year later Simon and his mules reached Jesus Maria in Argentina , the finish line of his expedition. ( ).


Today Simón is a guide, organizer and partner of Entre Orejas. A partner with new ideas, a lot of passion and enthusiasm that results in new amazing Entre Orejas rides and great new destinations.

Los Llanos the Colombian Cowboy & Wrangling, Colombia, Entre Orejas_edited.jpg

Fransisca Reyes
(daughter / owner of the farm)

An anthropologist Fransisca dedicated her life to the culture and to the study of this  magical place about which she has written several books. She is one of the owners of  the farm and an admirable person for her knowledge of the plain, she is a defender of  traditions and is the Big boss. Coordinating the entire livestock operation and more  than 50 cowboys, it is one of the few herds where it is managed by a woman.  Her passion for sharing her culture is a strength for those who ride alongside her. 

Los Llanos the Colombian Cowboy & Wrangling, Colombia, Entre Orejas.jpg

Felipe Mazabel Ortega
(son in law of the farm) 

A lover of the Colombian plains, horses, and music, he is a true horseman & showman. His passion spans from horseback riding to training and taming wild horses. As a singer and songwriter, he never misses an opportunity to brighten the moment with a good song. Having been connected to the farm Hato Santana all his life due to his close relationship with the Reyes family, defending and promoting the traditions of the Colombian  plains and wetlands is his greatest passion.

A greater guy to guide you during that week is almost impossible!

Los Llanos the Colombian Cowboy & Wrangling, Colombia, Entre Orejas.jpg
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